Friday, February 18, 2011

Sequin Shorts

I've been trying to get through a sky high stack of magazines in my living room for the last two months. I  realized today that the reason I still haven't gotten through them is because it takes me about 2 days to get through each magazine. I wasn't always this way. I believe it started when I began planning my wedding about 6 months ago. I see something I like, get on the computer, google it and then get sucked into that specific website which leads me to other shopping sites and 4 hours later I've gotten nowhere, except into more debt. Last night it took me 2 hours to get through a Nordstrom catalogue! That's bad. I'm ashamed... ish.

My point? I wanted to explain my inspiration to start this blog, and here they are...

Free People IRO Sequin Shorts

Yep. Silver sequin shorts. You could own a pair of your very own for just $349 USD. If I had the kind of money to buy a $350 pair of silver shorts, I might actually buy these, and that was the moment I realized... Well, I realized that I wanted to start a blog to post these amazing shorts so I could live vicariously through the person who can afford to buy these and rock the sh*t out of them. And yes, I just bleeped myself in my own blog. Oy vey. I think I need to go to bed.


  1. Forever 21 has a similar pair, but not so authentic looking. If you want a decent copy of those shorts for about $40 go to ANGL...the silver is a smidgen darker, but the look is almost exact minus the zipper. It's from a brand called Olive and Olivia and they look like they are $349 as well. :)