Monday, May 23, 2011

Cosmetics For Your Feet

Been super bogged down with work, wedding stuff and photography, so I haven't had time to blog much. HOWEVER, I HAD to sneak in a quickie about these flip flops I'm in love with because I just got an email that they are back in stock with more cute colors to choose from. I have 3 pair already, most of which I had to sit on a wait list for, but they ended up being soooooooooo worth it. 

I am super picky when it comes to flip flops. The straps have to be thin and feminine, the soles can't be too heavy and the color has to be just right. So, when I found these, it was love at first sight. 

This company is called TKEES and their motto is "Cosmetics For Your Feet"(so cute). I love everything about this company, but most importantly, their flip flops are super comfortable.

The don't have an online store up yet but they list where you can buy them on their website. I order mine from Singer 22 because they usually have the best variety of colors and availability.

I have the foundation color, "Sun Kissed"...

The lipstick color, "Candy Apple"...

And, the shadow color, "Frosty Grey".

But of course, now I'm crushing on all their new colors!! I know the price is a little steep for flip flops, but to me, the perfect pair of flip flops is very similar to the perfect pair of jeans... They make you look good, they make you feel good and you will wear them forever! 

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