Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I'll take one Bumbag, please!

Make fun all you want, but I am a fanny pack fan. No, I'm not ballsy enough to wear one on the regular. However, I do take full advantage of every mildly acceptable opportunity to sport a bum bag. I just really don't like carrying a purse, and seriously, they are just so handy!

Amidst a stroll through one of my favorite boutiques (The Beehive in Manhattan Beach) last week, I spotted something and almost couldn't believe my eyes. No joke, it was a fanny pack boombox. Yep, a FANNY PACK BOOMBOX. It is TWO of my favorite things in the whole world combined, music and fannies!

This company, FYDELITY, has not only come up with the most radical products, but the prices are super reasonable. Check it out...

This is the one I bought (and am VERY excited to bring out to my Bachelorette Party this weekend), it's their "Le Boom Box Bumbag". I got the black one, even though I was tempted to go even more obnoxious and get the gold one

Also, check out this sweet cooler

Awesome for the beach this summer!! You just plug your ipod in and go. Booyahkahshah! 

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